Thursday, May 26, 2011

Born This Way!!!

A new Gallup poll came out today and a gay website did a story on it "Homosexuality: Born This Way? Only 40% of Americans Think So" You can see the original story HERE

They use the word "Only" like it's a negative thing, but I see it as a positive sign. I mean if you look at the chart below in 1978 only 13% of Americans believe you were born gay while 56% believe it was upbringing.

Now in 2011 40% believe you are born gay up 27% and 42% believe it's upbringing down by 14%. Times are changing, it may not be at lightening speed but it's moving in the right direction.

And if you look at the chart there was a pretty big gap for 15 years ('78 to '96) and then you look at the last 15 years ('96 to '11) and the gap closes and the two thoughts go back and forth... I see this as progress. 


  1. Screw that chart, this one is much more awesome:


  2. Of course "The increase since last year came exclusively among political independents and Democrats. Republicans' views did not change.".

    Talk about stating the obvious...