Monday, May 23, 2011

Dad Update

Hey Everyone,

Just got off the phone with my Dad. He was suppose to go in and have one of the lumps biopsy but when he got there two of the three doctors said the lump was too big and too close to his throat for them to do a biopsy. If his throat would to have closed they are not equipped to resuscitate him. So they have to this in a hospital so once again it has been delayed. They are planning on doing it tomorrow or the next day. This cancer is so aggressive that I'm afraid the more we wait.. even just a few days the more chances that it's not going to be treatable.

I talked to my Mom today and she had me in tears as my Dad is putting up a good front saying that he is fine and feels okay... but he told her a few days ago that he is scared, that he was hoping to be around for his second grandchild's birth. He is also not feeling so hot.. he says he's fine but you can tell from just being around him. He's not in great shape, and the longer we wait to do anything the less chance I feel he has to surviving this.

But we will find out on Wednesday if it's spread to his bone marrow. Until then I can just hold my breath and hope for the best.


  1. What is wrong with those doctors?? Are they all entirely incompetent ?? At least that's the only explanation that I can come up with!! Hopefully Wednesday will bring better news!! Just keep thinking positive things!!

  2. I've been through something similar with my mom. When she had her stroke I had to be at the hospital 3/4 of each day (3 weeks total), nicley but aggresively making the doctors do what they were supposed to in a timely manner. The nurses appriciate that, as doctors ignored them. I wouldn't let them "take their time" to test, press for it to be done tomorrow. And not the end of the day. An emergency can always be squeezed into the schedule. Squeeky wheel with a nice yet firm tone does get attention. You4 a good son, being strong for dad. And remember, better to ask for forgiveness than permission.