Monday, May 23, 2011

Podcast Fun

Podcasting may be work, but it's fun work and it's a great way to distract me from the "real" world. Tonight I wanted to get at least one of my podcasts done before the weekend. I choose to work on Knights of the Guild episode 31 because it's the second half of a joint podcast between Knights of the Guild and Tech Barbarians. It was pretty much a straight forward edit. I just removed the dead air or stuff that was just chatter between us. I started around 10pm (I worked on the bulk of it during my lunch the past few days) so all I had to do was assemble everything and do my final polish pass. I got done around 11:30pm and did my show notes and uploaded the file to podbean. Now we wait for May 29th when it will be released.

Next I have to edit my next episode of MASH 4077. This one is going to be tricky because one of the host (Meds) had some technical difficulties and lost his recording for this episode. Luckily I record the entire show with Pamela so I still have his audio mixed with all of our audio and it doesn't sound the best but it's something to work with. I hope to get his done by the weekend.. well I have to get it done by the weekend as it's due to be released on June 1st.

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