Tuesday, May 24, 2011

MASH Madness

Got home from work, watched some TV and had a wonderful dinner Harry had made. Around 10pm I jumped on the computer to start editing my next MASH podcast. I knew this one was going to be a bit tougher then the previous ones because Meds (one of my co-hosts) lost his audio and my other co-host Al's audio stopped recording halfway through the podcast. Luckily he realized after a few minutes and started recording again. As for Meds audio, he sent me the lines he had to say during the show, ie guest stars and such but there was no interaction. And  I remembered that I had some back up audio.

How I edit this podcast is that all three hosts record their own audio on their own computer and then send me the files. And I cut them all together and blend everything to sound like we are in the same room. But we interact over Skype and I am able to record that audio just in case. It's not the best audio and there are multiple drop outs and such but it's something. So I have to use that audio for Meds portion of the show.

Because the skype audio is all three of us talking it's taking me a lot longer to edit the podcast. In the end it will sound great with Meds audio being just a bit off.. but thank goodness for my back up audio or this would be an even harder podcast to edit.

I was exhausted around 11:30pm and decided to call it a night. I'm at minute 17 of a 30 minute show... so a little over halfway. I hope to finish the first pass tomorrow night and then I have to add audio clips from the show and do my final polish pass and it will be done. I hope to have it completely done by this weekend as it comes out on June 1st.

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