Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dad Update 4

So my Dad went in for surgery this morning (finally). They removed one of the tumors (said to be the size of a peach) and they will do a biopsy on that. They were unable to put in the catheter as they said it was too dangerous. So instead they put in a central line into his arm that will be good for six months.

Just got off the phone with my Mom and she said they are releasing him in a few hours. No one has mentioned when he's to come back or what the next step is.. I guess he will make another appointment with his main cancer doctor and will get the results of the biopsy. I hope they do that sooner then later.

My Dad also called about his bone marrow tests and they said they only have results for one of the tests but not the other. And my Dad being my Dad didn't bother to ask for the result that they do have or when they might have the other results... so we wait!!

It's very frustrating being two hours away and not being able to go there myself and demand some answers. I feel like everyone is taking their sweet time with this and there is such a lack of communication.

So as of this moment I have no idea what's happening next or what the extent of his cancer is. And once again we have to wait and see. :(

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