Monday, January 30, 2012

A Healthier Me - Day 8

Today was an extremely lazy day. I didn't do much other then watch some TV. Watched the latest Once Upon a Time and totally loved it. It was the back story for Sydney (aka Man in mirror). Got some more story from the fantasy world and the present world things are moving along nicely. It's only been 11 episodes but I feel like we've gotten so much yet have learned so little. Can't wait to see where this season goes.

I did get out today and go to the Post Office and grab some lunch. I'm trying to get out more often and not stay in this house day in and day out.

I pretty much was on the computer all day not doing much. At 10pm I realized that I hadn't workout today.. so I mustered up the strength and went outside and did my work out.

Since it's Monday I weight myself this morning 207.5

That's a pound and half less then last Monday so I'm moving in the right direction.

Today's Workout:

30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical

3 sets of 10 on the chest fly for my chest (75 lbs)
3 sets of 10 on the curl arm for my biceps (45 lbs)
3 sets of 10 for shoulders (45 lbs)
3 sets of 10 on the front leg press (45 lbs)

It was a tougher workout then usual because I was so lazy today it was hard for me to get motivate to get out there especially since 10pm is the time I watch the news and start to wind down.. but I did it and got through it.

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  1. I find time of day *really* affects my energy level. On the weekends Fran and I work out earlier in the morning (9 or 10 am) and I feel amazing. During the week I can only work out after work (around 6:30-7pm) and I find my energy levels much, much lower. Understandable I guess!