Sunday, January 29, 2012

Disneyland Sunday

Got up early to head out to Disneyland. I normally don't go on weekends because it's always so busy. But my friend Sue is visiting from New York and will be there today. Sue and I meet in a sci fi forum called Treks in Sci Fi years ago. We've chatted via twitter but never met in person. Our paths almost crossed when I went on my trip to Florida as her trip to Florida was just ending and she was at the airport an hour before my plane arrived. Anyways I was really looking forward to meeting her face to face. There was a bit of traffic so I got to Disneyland around 10:30am and as expected it was packed. By the time I parked the car, got on the tram and through security it was 11am.

After a few texts I met up with Sue over by the Castle. I had never seen what Sue looked like, so before I left I quickly looked up a picture of her just so I had a general idea. We quickly found each other and as with other online friends that I have met in person.. it's like there is an instant bond there. It's as though you've been friends for years (which we have).  She was joined by three of her other friends Amy, Lisa and Kate. We said our hellos and then started walking around Disneyland. Since I live here and visit Disneyland often I didn't have any plans other then to hang out with Sue and her friends.

After an hour they were going to head over to California Adventure since they pretty much did Disneyland yesterday and I was hungry so we parted ways as they headed over to the other park I went over to the Little Red Wagon for a delicious corn dog and apple slices. When I finished up, my buddy Anthony texted me that he was on the tram heading in. He and my friend Andrew both said they would join me at Disneyland, Andrew pulled out yesterday but Anthony was on his way so I finished up and then headed to the front to greet my friend. 

Anthony arrived and we hugged our hellos we made our way to California Adventures. I texted the girls to see where they were at and could really figure it out when suddenly we ran into them.  They were all heading to lunch and Anthony was hungry as well so we joined them. We spent the next five hours walking around the park doing rides and such. It was the four girls and us 2 boys so Anthony and I had a lot of male bonding time... which is always nice. I mean the weekend I nursed Anthony back to health after his motorcycle accident I learned alot about him, but he's a man of many stories and I haven't quite heard them all.

Starting at the top it's Me, then going right,
Anthony, Lisa, Amy, Kate & Sue
We finally parted ways with the ladies as they were doing World of Color and Anthony's friend Rachel was joining us for some fun. We said our goodbyes and met up with Rachel. We grabbed a bite to eat before heading back to Disneyland to ride Star Tours and then Indiana Jones before saying goodbye to Rachel as both Anthony and I had were going to our friend Leslie's birthday party which happened to be at The House of Blues at Downtown Disney.

So we headed over there and didn't see anyone, we waited out front and our friends Rupert, Luis and the Rusley Twins, Kevin and Doug showed up. We decided to kill some time and walk over to the Lego store. Well someone, can't remember who, got the idea to make a Leslie Lego figure so we spent the next half hour trying to assemble one.

Party was suppose to start at 9pm.. but the birthday girl was running late. She finally showed up around 10pm which is when we happen to finally leave the Lego store. We said our Happy Birthdays.. presented her with the Legos which she really liked. We had cake and chatted for a bit. Around 11pm I was spent and said my goodbyes and headed home. Got home a little after midnight, watched some Simpson's before falling asleep around 1am

Thanks to Sue, Amy, Lisa, Kate, Rachel, Leslie, Rupert, Luis, Kevin, Doug and especially Anthony for making today a pretty crazy but super fun day.

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