Saturday, February 4, 2012

Road Trip - Saturday

So Anthony, Aaron, Rupert and I got up around 7:30am and started to get ready for our weekend road trip. I didn't plan out a breakfast (fail on my part) so everyone fended for themselves. After breakfast Anthony asked if I had a needle and thread as his jeans were "fashionably" holey. But his back pocket has to many holes and he couldn't put his wallet in there.. long story short I sewed the holes on his pocket for him.. oh and he was still wearing them while I did this. Any excuse to touch Anthony's butt is a plus in my book :)

We loaded up the SUV (Aaron was kind enough to offer is vehicle and also paid for the gas). We started the road trip. We didn't plan to stop anywhere on the way up as we wanted to spend as much time as we could with Chris. On the way up we played 20 questions but we put a fun twist and made it a Scifi Edition. Three hours later we were in Lompoc.

We met up with Chris and he took us to one of his favorite burger joints for lunch. This place had an A - Z burger. All were very crazy variations of a burger. Though some of my travel buddies were adventurous I went with an A burger which is just a simple hamburger.

After lunch Chris took us to Vandenberg Air Force Base (Chris is in the military). He showed us around, I can't get more specific but it was some very cool places that very few non-military people see. It was very impressive. Vandenberg is on the coast and has miles and miles of coastline so we drove up the coast and stopped to admire the view a few times.

One of those time when I was getting back in Chris' van I went back to grab my seat belt at the exact some time Aaron was closing the side door and crunch... 3 fingers on my right hand were caught between the door and the door jam. As I screamed open the door, open the door, Aaron quickly (though it felt like minutes) opened the door and I examined my 3 crushed fingers. They were killing me but seemed not to be broken. Lucky for me there was alot of padding in between the door jams so that prevented me from actually crushing my fingers and braking the bones. They were bruised and sore but other then that they were okay.

Our next stop was at an actual beach, it was beautiful and since it was on the base there were very little people there. After the beach Chris took us to his actually work place, he's involved with nuclear weapons. Showed us his desk and where he worked. He also showed us a video about nuclear weapons and I learned so much... it was a fun and informative trip.

After the base we headed to Solvang, which is the Danish capital of United States. We walked around this quaint town, checking out all the cool shops. We then headed over to The Red Viking for some dinner. I got some Danish sausage and meatballs while others went with traditional Danish meals and some with typical stuff. They had some excellent food and the waitress (Alex) was awesome. Made the dinner experience even more fun. She actually invited us out to a "club/bar" later in the day but that was hours away and we didn't have time to hang out.

After Solvang we headed back to Vandenberg Air Force base to go bowling. Since it was Saturday it was packed with kids so we put our name down on the waiting list and decided to play some Flux while we waited. After an hour of waiting it didn't look like we were going to get a lane before they closed at 10pm. So we opted to just get a hotel room and play some Apples to Apples.

Around 11pm Chris headed back to his place (only a few blocks from the hotel) and Aaron and Rupert took one of the Queen beds while Anthony and I took the other queen bed and tried to get some sleep.

All in all it was a fantastic day.. got to see some very cool things, ate some great food but more important go to hang out with some AWESOME friends.

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