Monday, May 21, 2012

Firefly Re-Watch Ending

Today I headed over to my besties Robert's place to finish watching the final three episodes of Firefly. But before I even got there I had a run in with a cop. I was driving down Aqua Dulce Canyon Road and was almost to the freeway when I passed a cop going the opposite direction but I noticed that he turned his lights on and turned around... I knew I was screwed. I pulled over and he approaches my passenger side window and asked me if I was in a hurry. Long story short I got out of the ticket by being nice and accepting the fact that I was speeding. I apologized a few times and by the end he said that this one was on him.. just be more aware of my speed.. I thanked him and headed on my way to Roberts.

Got to Roberts about 7:30pm but unlike previous Firefly viewings we had someone joining up.. my other bestie Will, he works just down the street and was going to join us for the final few episodes. Will was running late so we gave him a call and asked what he wanted for dinner.. we were doing Italian. We ordered dinner and Robert and I just laid on his bed and chatted. Will arrived around 8pm and we started the third to final episodes "The Messenger", really enjoyed this episode. It contains the final shot ever done on set, the cast just got word that the series was cancelled right before they filmed this final scene. Food arrived during this episode so we enjoyed a nice Italian dinner.

Next up was "Heart of Gold" this episode never aired on Fox but really progresses the Mal and Inaria storyline. And the final episode of the series and a real fan favorite "Objects in Space". I have to admit it's not one of my favorites, I mean I love it, but it's not one of the ones I would put in first to re watch.

Picture a Day in May #21
The night couldn't been any better.. I was watching one of my most favorite series in the world, with two of my bestest friends..  life is good.

Next week we finish everything up with the Firefly movie Serenity.

BTW... I had planned to take a picture of the three of us for my Picture a Day in May but totally forgot until I was driving home at 11:30pm... I figured I still have a half hour left so for the next fifteen minutes I tried to get a decent picture from my car and finally just picked on and posted it.

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