Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Interviewing Kristin

Today I finally got to sit down and interview Kristin. I've been trying to get her for an interview for Knights of the Guild podcast for over a year. Kristin is the costume designer/Wardrobe for The Guild and season five was heavy on costumes. We worked with each other again on My Gimpy Life so we finally set a date to actually sit down and talk. It was a great time. Talked for about a half hour about My Gimpy Life then moved on to The Guild's "I'm The One That's Cool" music video and talked for another half hour before finally, after a year, we talked for a few hours about The Guild season five. Lots of great behind the scenes information about wardrobe, costumes and so much more. I can't wait to edited some podcasts together and get there out to my listeners. So stayed tune for some new Knights of the Guild podcast as well as launching the new My Gimpy Life CompanionCasts.

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