Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Selling Harry's Truck

This has been a long time coming to I finally sold Harry's truck. This has been an on going ordeal since Harry left last August. But today I took the truck to Car Max to see what they would offer me for it. I dropped it off around 12:30pm and since I was in Burbank my buddy Sebastian lives out there so I wanted to see if he wanted to go to lunch. I also asked him is I did sell the truck would he be back to give me a ride back home since I would be vehicle less. Of course he said yes to both things. So we went to lunch at Islands and had a great time. One thing I love about Sebastian is our deep conversation. We've known each other for years (online) but this is only our second meet up but it's like we've known each other for years and are very open and honest.

After lunch we headed back to Car Max and they told me what the truck would appraise for. Now a Kelly Blue Book valued the truck at $18,000 - $21,000 if we traded it in or sold it to a dealer and $22,000 to $25.000 if we sold it privately.

Harry tried to sell it privately for months before he left and only a few people were interested and one offer (low ball) so it never sold and I just don't have the time to deal or really wanted to deal with a private owner. Also the tags are due ($500) at the end of May. So I was really hoping to sell it today.

They offered us $20,000 for it, Harry told me before going into this if they offer us $20,000 or more then take it. So I accepted the offer and sold the truck to them. I was relieved and happy that the truck was finally sold and Harry would get some of his money back. We purchased the truck from $40,000 three years ago but we did manage to get half of the money back. I'm happy with the offer as it's within the amount that Kelly Blue Book said we could get for it. It was tough letting the truck go as it's part of Harry and we had some fun adventures in that truck.

They cut me a check and I left Car Max with my buddy Sebastian. Got back to my place around 4ish and Sebastian and I just hung out for the next five hours chatting... good times.

While Sebastian was here I took my Picture a Day in May #23 photo

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