Saturday, May 26, 2012

Star Trek Marathon

Today I went over to my buddies Sebastian's place. We were going to do a Star Trek Marathon, we had about seven hours before his girlfriend was going to home. We discussed what we wanted to watch and found out that our favorites (other then everyone's favorites) are very different. We started with TNG (that's both our favorite series) and we went to the middle seasons and choose Qpid to watch. It seemed like a fun episode to start with. After that was Deep Space Nine's Doctor Bashir, I Presume. I've only seen this episode once or twice and really didn't remember much of it.. so that was cool.

At this point we decided that we were going to watch an episode of each series.. so we moved onto Voyager and choose Before and After, which is a Kes episode. Sebastian isn't a huge Kes fan but I am so he gave this one to me. Next was The Original Series and I asked about the one that was shot at Vasquez Rocks since I go there all the time. The episode is called Arena and I've seen bits and pieces but never watched the entire show so that was cool. Also on Netflix they had the enhanced version so the graphics were so much better.

After TOS the final series we watched was Enterprise and we went to First Flight. Again I've seen every episode of Enterprise but not as many times as TNG, DS9 or Voyager so I remembered some stuff but the majority of this episode felt new to me.. which is awesome!!!

Picture a Day in May #26
We only manage to watch one of each series, so 5 episodes in total because between episodes or even during episodes and we would pause Sebastian and I would get into some pretty deep discussions. Some Star Trek based since Sebastian know a ton of cool behind the scenes information about Star Trek and others were just about life, relationships and getting older... I enjoy our conversations very much.

Sebastian's girlfriend got home around 9pm and the three of us headed out to Gordan Biersch for some dinner. We hung out at the restaurant and chatted for the next three hours before calling it a night and I headed home.

Had a great day with a "new" but old friend. (he's one of those people that you meet in life and it's like you've known each other forever.. love that).

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