Sunday, May 27, 2012

SuperHeroes and Shawarma

Today I drove out to Van Nuys to hang out with a bunch of Guildies. Brian organized a viewing of Avengers and then out to lunch/dinner for some Shawarma.

This was my second viewing of Avengers and I was really wanting to see this again since I saw it opening weekend. About 15 people showed up, I knew about half of them. We said in the two center rows and chatted a bit before the previews started.

As you know from my previous blog about Avengers I love this movie. It's the perfect "superhero" type movie and it was just and great the second time around.

Picture a Day in May #27
After the movie the majority of us when down into Sherman Oaks to Pita City to grab some lunch/dinner. Now if you've seen Avengers then you should know what Shawarma is.. and if you live in the North America and stayed until the very end of Avengers you actually got to see some Shawarma. Now for those who don't know what it is.. it's a meat (chicken, beef or lamb) with spices and cooked a certain way. It's severed in a wrap or in a pita.

Not everyone got a Shawarma but since we just got done seeing Avengers and the whole point of going to Pita City was to get a Shawarma I got a chicken one and it was pretty good.

Several folks who didn't go to the movie joined us for dinner. After dinner we walked over to Cold Stone and some got ice cream as the rest of us just stood outside and talked for a few hours. The party started to break up around 9pm and we said our goodbyes and made our way home.

It was so much fun seeing Avengers and then eating Shawarma with a bunch of guildies.. I'm so happy that I went.

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