Wednesday, May 30, 2012

KOTG is Back!!

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After a four months hiatus I have decided to revive my Knights of the Guild podcast. I got a little burnt out on this podcast after doing season five companioncasts. I lost a host and changed the format hoping this would peak my interest in this show but it didn't. I started up other podcasts and found what I as missing in KOTG so it just sat there. I still have quite a few interviews saved up from Season Five as well as a companioncast for The Guild's newest video "I'm the One That's Cool"

I thought about just letting it go, maybe do one more podcast with Jenni and inform everyone that this would be the last. But being away from it for so long has really made me miss it. I'm still a huge diehard Guild fan, always will be. I've gathered quite a following because of The Guild and have meet some of my best friends because of it..  so I couldn't let it go. I'm slowly picking the reigns back up. I worked all day on Episode 40. It's not following any format from a previous show. Because the webseries The Guild is in limbo between Season Five and a possible Season Six there isn't much going on so each show will be different or very similar to the previous one, depending on what I have to share with you guys. There will be lots of interviews (previously recorded) as well as new ones (I hope).

Like I said I spent the day working on Episode 40 which is all about Kristin our Costume Designer / Wardrobe. She had so much information to share that I had to cut the interview into two. So part two of Kristin's interview will be in episode 41.

I'm not going to set a date for when new episodes will be released. I'm hoping to get at least two a month out. And again I can change my mind tomorrow about the format and release schedule. I'm trying to have a much less structured format for this show.. will see how it goes... let me know what you think.

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