Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Fun Day

Today was a jammed packed with fun kind of day. My friend Sebastian and his girlfriend Amanda came over last night to have a "get out of the city and relax day". So I got up around 8ish and made some breakfast for everyone. We hung out and chatted for a few hours before sitting down to watch Beauty and Beast on Bluray. I've had this movie ever since it came out on bluray but never watched it. It was pretty great and I loved the extra song/scene (Human Again).

After that Sebastian and I headed out to my garage to check out my toy collection, specifically my Star Trek toys as he is a HUGE Star Trek fan. We spent the next hour or so reliving his childhood because he actually played with these Star Trek toys that I had just purchased and kept in their packaging. It was fun showing him things that he knew about but never saw in person or played with over 15 years ago. We got through about 2/3'ds of my toys before we got hungry. We did agree that we were going to get together in the next few weeks and really catalogue and organize all my toys (something I've been wanting to do for years) So that should be fun to really see what I own and how much it's all worth.

For lunch we decided to go to Applebees in Palmdale and since it was such a beautiful day I decided to take my top off of my Jeep (something I haven't done in a while). And Sebastian is thinking of getting a Jeep (yeah I tried to talk him out of it ) So I let him drive up and back. He loved it and it just reinforced his idea of getting one for himself. Had a nice lunch before coming home and trying to watch Wall E since both Sebastian and Amanda had never seen it. We only got about 20 minutes in before the heat and food started to take hold and both became sleepy. So we opted to go to a walk to wake up.

It was a nice quick walk (Sebastian has a bad knee that started to act up), when we got back it was around 6pm and they started to pack up and load up their car. Their relaxing day with me had come to an end. It was loads of fun, I love hosting friends who want to just come up to my place and relax. We both benefit from it. They get away from the city and I get some company.. it's a win win :)

After they left it dawned on me that I had plans with Robert to watch Serenity, it's our final viewing of our Firefly/Serenity marathon. I was suppose to be there at 7:30 but got off a bit later at 6:30 so I arrived around 7:45, which isn't that bad.. figured I'd be there by 8.

We ordered pizza and wings and began Serenity. It so much fun watching this movie with a newbie. He gasped, laughed and was piss off with Joss in all the right places. It was a great way to end our Firefly/Serenity marathon. Next up for Robert and I .. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Seven seasons of Awesome.. with 144 episodes and we watch 3 a week it will take us 48 weeks to watch them all... so that's 11 months.. it's gonna be fun.

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  1. So cool....I love rewatching Buffy. I've probably seen it through four or five times by now but still am not tired of it!

    .....BTW it would be great fun to come up and relax with you...did you get my f/b message about Harry Potter Lego? JL