Thursday, May 31, 2012

Magic Mountain with Josh

My bestie Josh texted me yesterday and said that he was free on Thursday and part of Friday and if I wanted to hang out. Of course I jumped at the opportunity to hang out with him as I adore him and we see each other not very often. Magic Mountain popped into my head and I mentioned that I had a discounted ticket and he could get in for $25 bucks but it expires at the end of May (which is today). I then found another coupon for a free entry on a weekend but again it ended today... so the plan was set. He would come over and we'd do Magic Mountain.

He had planned to get here around 10am since the park opened at 10:30am but was running a big late so he didn't get here until a bit after 11am which meant we got to the park around Noon. The park was open until 8pm and we planned on staying the entire time. It's been a few years since he had been so Six Flags so there were several new roller coasters that he had never ridden, so I was excited.. I love going to theme parks with newbies.

We we got to the park we ran into our buddy Doug who works there.. that was fun.

Our first ride was Tatsu, it's one of my favorites and Josh had never been on it. The light wasn't bad and they had misters, oh BTW did I mention it was boiling outside. Anyways like I said they had misters but we were standing under tarts and it kept the sun off but kind of baked us. The mist had it very humid and we were sweating. A guy in front of us actually got a bloody nose. We stood in line for about 20 minutes before riding. Josh loved it. This ride as one of the coolest and scariest back loop ever.. so much fun.

After that we were hungry and went to get some lunch. I had chicken strips while Josh had a chicken sandwich. And with my discount instead of pay a cray amount of money for this food it was only slightly crazy.

After lunch we went to get in line for X2, a friend of Josh's said he really needed to do this one and that it was her favorite so he was looking forward to it. I have to say this is the shortest line for X that I have ever been in. We were in line for about half a hour before riding.. and again Josh loved it. X is probably my favorite ride at Six Flags.

Next up is Viper, this use to be one of the best roller coaster but now it's just old and very shaky. Still fun for what it is but the newer coasters are so much smoother.

Went over the hill and noticed that they got rid of Deja Vu and Cyclone and released it was a Falling Skies themed roller coaster called Apocalypse. So Josh and I road it for the first time. It's a wooden roller coaster so it very shaky but it fast and fun.

We did Gold Rush next which is one of the parks first roller coaster and is always fun for a nice simple ride.

We skipped The Riddler, as Josh is not a fan of the stand up coasters. So instead we headed to Green Lantern ride. This is a vertical roller coaster. I first rode this a few months back when Chris and I went and it's a fun ride. Towards the end of the ride as the car was pulling into the station our car continued to roll for another three times.. they actually had to manual stop the car... crazy ride.

Then we rode Batman The Ride, this has always been a favorite of mine. Next we Scream before we took a break and ate again. 

We did the classic Colossus before heading over to one of the smoothest and fast coaster Goliath. We got all the way up to the front when the ride broke down for about 15 minutes.

After Goliath we did another classic park ride Revolution (had the first loop), before ending out night with another ride on Tatsu. When we got off Tatsu we had seven minutes before the part closed so we ran up the stairs to Ninja and managed to get on the last car to run for the night.

Our fun fill day is over.. we had a fantastic time. We rode all but one of the major roller coasters. It was hot but manageable. We had loads of fun.. beside being at a theme park I got to spend the entire day with my best friend.. couldn't ask for anything more.

We got home around 9pm and Josh wasn't sure if he was going to stay or head home but after a sun draining day he opted to stay the night. So I made some dinner and we watched some TV before calling it a night and going to bed.

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