Friday, June 1, 2012

Visiting Family

This morning was a great morning, had my best friend hanging with me, I made some pancakes for breakfast, we watched some TV, talked and finished our visit with playing some Wii (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows pt. 1). He had to get home and I had to go visit family today so we said our goodbyes around 1ish.. it was an FANTASTIC 26 hours.

I went to visit my dad and we went out of lunch. My brother and his family (including my Dad) are in my middle of moving so half of the family is at the old place and half is at the new place. After having lunch we headed over to the new house to see my sister-in-law Lora and my niece and nephew. I really wanted to see my nephew Kenobi as it's his third birthday today (though we are having a big party in three weeks). I hope him a pre-birthday party gift. I played a little baseball with him. What I didn't know is my Dad had plans to play poker. It took me two and a half hours to get down to their place (traffic was horrible) and then I only got to spent about an hour with them before I had to get my Dad back to the old house so he could catch is ride to the poker game.

Though it was cut short I did enjoy my time with my family. It's always nice getting to see them every few weeks.

Drove home and waited for my friend Jes to arrive. She was driving from up north to come visit me for the weekend and to do a shoot for Nerd Machine on Sunday. Another friend Kimi is also doing the shoot but she's doing it on Saturday and Sunday and will be crashing at my place Saturday night. Also my buddy Rupert and Robert didn't have any plans this weekend and asked if they could hang so this weekend had turned into a mini get together of some of the members of the Geek Mob.

Jes arrived around 10ish and we hung out until midnight chatting. Tomorrow should be a fun day.

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