Friday, May 25, 2012

Up & Down Kind of Day

So the productivity of yesterday ran over into today. Did a bit of yard work (but I have so much more), continued to clean up the house but the big thing is I started working on a new Knights of the Guild podcast. I haven't released a new episode of KOTG since Feb 1st so it's been a few months but today I actually recorded some audio and started editing it. So I was doing great.

I was told that I would be getting a call from the job I interviewed with last week. So I was kind of on pins and needles all day just waiting for that call to see if I got this much needed job. Finally around 5pm I got the call and it wasn't good news.

She said they loved me and that it was a tough decision but they decided to go with someone else. It hard hearing things like that because if they loved you so much then why didn't they choose you. I was very nice and thanked them for their time and said if anything else comes up to keep me in mind. She said to stay in contact with her as she would like to work with me one day so it ended well just not the way I was hoping.

This kind of depressed me for a while. I was really hoping to get this job. Post super jobs are so far and few between and the two that I have interviewed over the past eight months have gone so well and it seems that they love me but... I just wish I knew what that but was.

Oh well I gotta pick myself up and continue to look for work. I know the perfect job is out there for me.. I just have to find it.

Another thing that happen today is Charles and I picked the name of our new geeky podcast. I was just sitting around and it just hit me.. We are doing a round table (meaning a group of people sitting around discussing a single topic) Why not just call our new podcast The Geek Roundtable. Charles liked it and it was not taken so I purchased the URL, got an gmail account, podbean account as well as a twitter name @Geek_Roundtable. So all we need to do is record our first episode and get his podcast off the ground.

To end my night I had dinner with one of my best friends Will. I'm so happy I was having dinner with him since I got the bad news about the job I knew Will would cheer me up and cheer me up he did. We first started with him recording a promo that Charles and I wrote for the new podcast. We then went out to dinner and had a great time. We ended back at his place and just sat around and talked for a bit. We played some video games but we pretty much just enjoyed ones company which is just what I needed.

So other then the bad news about the job, today was a really good day... too bad it couldn't have been a perfect day.

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