Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Very Productive Day

Pic a Day in May #24
I've been out of work now for eight months and I have my productive and non-productive days. Today was very productive. Woke up early and for the get go I was full on energy and very motivated to get things done. I finally cleaned up from this past weekends movie marathon. Did laundry, dishes, took out four large bags or trash. Got my place looking good again. I love having a clean house.

I also purchased some hair dye (Just for Men) because my beard was so dark now that it made the gray in my hair really stand out so  decided to dye everything. I like it but it's not something I will be keeping up with. I don't mind my gray I just did this for a change.

I spend the majority of the day editing the next MASH 4077 Podcast. The past few episodes I have been editing the day before or the day of it's release. I have several that are just waiting to be edited but I haven't been feeling motivated until it's the last minute. So today I actually finished the podcast well before it's release date on June 1st. I hope to get a few more done in the coming week.

I did watch a little TV here and there for breaks but for the most part I stayed very productive all day long and it was great. Wish I had more of those kinds of days.

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