Friday, June 29, 2012

Another Busy Day

Today was another busy day... it was the actual first day of shooting of the new TV series I'm working on. I was on set for some of the day.  Since I'm post I never really get to be on set during production but because post is slow and we want to make sure they are orgainizing and labeling all the tapes properly my boss wants me on set. Only issue with this is the shoot goes until 9pm and I'm seeing a play at 11pm in Hollywood.

So 9pm came and went and they were still filming.. I started to worry, I knew that if I didn't leave by 10pm that I wouldn't make it to Hollywood in time. My boss showed up around 9:15 to set and I was very happy to see him because if I had to leave he could stay and get the tapes in my place. Well after "playing" around with me, he kept saying that I'd have to stay.. he let me go around 9:45.

I made my way through Los Angeles and Hollywood and got to the theater around 10:30. I'll talk about the play in my next blog.

Needless to say my work days are getting busier.

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