Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Work, Friends & Tribute

Today went by very quickly,  productions offices (where my temp off is) are closing down. They are starting to shot at the end of the week and everyone in production is moving over to the shooting location. This means I'll have to find another home until post is up and running (Tuesday of next week). So I spent the day prepping tape labels and camera logs for the upcoming shoot, emails galore getting production on the same page as post. Lot's of prep work that will hopefully help when we start getting footage on the back end.

After work like I have all week I went to a friends to hang out. Tonight I visited Sebastian and his girlfriend Amanda. I had planned to run over to Del Taco and grab some dinner but when I got to their place Amanda had made some spaghetti and italian sausage for dinner so I join them.

One of my favorite writers/director and all around creative person Nora Ephron passed away yesterday. So in honor of her we watched one of my top 5 favorite romantic comedies "Sleepless in Seattle". It was a great way to honor this great woman.

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