Sunday, June 24, 2012

Disneyland... NOT!!

I had plans to attend Disneyland to celebrate my friend Jessica's birthday today but with my dislocated finger and waking up not feeling so hot (stomach issues) I decided to not make the two hour trek to the happiest place on Earth. Instead I planned to try and get more things done around the house.

That didn't quite go as planned, between trips to the bathroom and resting on my recliner watching TV I did manage to get some housekeepig done for my Geekyfanboy Productions podcast company. Built excel sheets, combined all podcast into one form. I caught up with my blog posting and cleaned up some of my computer craziness.

A big part of my day was sitting at my computer and watching some new programs/webseries on The Nerdist Channel. I've watched alot of stuff on Felicia Day's you tube channel Geek and Sundry, but this was the first time watching another you tube channel and I have to say I really enjoyed it. I watched All Star Celebrity Bowling, Magic Meltdown and Just Cos, all were very fun and entertaining but my favorite was the bowling.

The other big thing that I accomplished was editing the very first episode of My Gimpy Life Podcast. It's episode 0 and just an introduction to what to expect from the companioncast. Don't know when I'll be posting it but it will be posted a few weeks before the first episode (at least that's the plan).

So it would have been great to go to Disneyland and hang out with friends I did have a fairly productive day today.

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