Saturday, June 30, 2012

Friends and Musicals

So last night I saw Fellowship! The Musical and tonight I'm going to see Geeks! The Musical. Several friends who went with me last night to see Fellowship actually came back to my place to crash since they live in south in San Diego. Also Anne who was out here for a wedding crashed at my place because we were all going to see Geeks! tonight.

When I got up everyone was already up and ready for some breakfast. Anne made some eggs, I made the sausage and Nicki made some bagels. After lunch we decided to go for a hike. Both Nicki and Anne though they have been to my weekend parties they never stay long enough to go hiking... so today we were going to change that and go hiking at Vasquez Rocks. It was hot but super bad, it was also fairly early still. We had a great hike and it was fun showing two new people Vasquez.

After Vasquez we went back to my place to play some Cards Against Humanity. If you don't know this game it's a brand new and very awesome card game. We played for a few hours before we started to get hungry so we headed out to Chili's for some lunch. When we got back we still had a few more hours before the play so we continued our game of Cards Against Humanity. In the end Anne won, which makes her the worse human on the planet. :)

We got ready for the musical and headed down to Hollywood. Traffic is always funky, sometimes it takes a really long time and sometimes it takes no time at all. This was the latter as we got to the theater almost forty five minutes early. We hung out and chatted before the box office opened. We got into the theater about 7:20pm and got center, center seats.

I had seen the plan on it's first run a month or so back and really enjoyed it. This time around they have a few different actors and they tweaks the pacing and the movement of some of the songs. So it really did feel like I was watching a different play. And as I did before I really enjoyed it. As did Aaron, Anne and Nicki.

After the play we opted to try and find a place to eat but it was a Saturday night and traffic/parking was horrible so we called it a night. Anne and Nicki headed south back home while Aaron and I headed back to my place as he was going to stay the night again.

It was a fun day of friends, adventures and music.

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