Thursday, June 28, 2012

Running Around

Today was a pretty crazy workday. They were doing rehearsal for tomorrows shot day. I went to set to meet the camera folks since they will be the ones shooting the show and dealing with post the most. I won't bore you with the details but I went back and fourth six times taking things over to them and them not working and having to fix them, we tested footage to see if we could import into the avid. Finally on my final run over there I had planned to leave from there to head home, as it was 7pm. I got to set, gave them a fixed hard drive and then went back to my jeep. I got an email from one of the EP's (Executive Producer) on the show. He asked if I was still on set. I turned back around and headed back in. After walk around for 10 minutes I finally found the control room and the EP. He had questions about green screen, I haven't worked alot with green screens but I did my best to answer his questions. 45 minutes later I'm back in my jeep and heading home.

Tonight after work I was suppose to originally hang out with my cousin who I haven't seen in over 20 years, he was in CA for work and up near my area. Well those plans fell through and I had a back up plan. I was suppose to go the movies with Robert and Rupert to see Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. But even before my workday was extended I decided that I didn't want to go out.

Every night this week I have done something with friends. Don't get me wrong I LOVE doing stuff with my friends but normally I get up at 7am, go to work from 8am to 7pm, then hang with friends until 10ish, get home around 11:30 and bed by midnight and the day starts all over again. Tonight I wanted to get home at a decent time and just relax, which is just what I did. It was a nice relaxing night. Watched a bit a TV and called it a night around 10:30.

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