Thursday, June 21, 2012

Buffy and Bros

Today after work I headed over to Robert's place to continue our Buffy viewing. This is a rewatch for me but the first time for Robert. Got to his place around 7:30 followed shortly by pizza and wings.

Up first was season 1, episode 4 "Teacher's Pet", Buffy's biology teacher is killed by a giant praying mantis that assumes the form of a beautiful substitute teacher.

Next up was season 1, episode 5 "Never Kill A Boyfriend On The First Date", While Buffy awaits the arrival of a warrior vampire, she dates a boy who is attracted to her exciting lifestyle.

And our final episode of the night was season 1, episode 6 "The Pack", Xander and several other students are possessed by the spirit of a demonic breed of hyenas that wreak havoc at the high school.

Out of those three my favorite was "Never Kill A Boyfriend On The First Date" I enjoyed Buffy trying to be a "normal" teenage girl and at the end realizes that she isn't.

Had a great time hanging with Robert and now that I work over on that end of town will be doing this more ofter... maybe we can get through Buffy faster then 11 months.

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