Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hanging with my Bud

Today my buddy Sebastian asked if I wanted to stop by his place on my way home from work and hang out. I was tired and he doesn't live exactly on my way home but he needed some company and to be honest I think I needed company as well. So after work I headed over to his place. Once again the traffic wasn't that bad.. took maybe 45 minutes to get to Burbank. Got to his place and we walked to Del Taco so I could get some dinner. Went back to his place and I watched a short film that he had written, produced and directed. It still needed a few audio tweaks but it was very well done. After that we just talk and laughed for the next few hours. It was great just getting to relax and hang with a friend. I got home around 11pm and fell asleep just before midnight.

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