Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Well two things I wanted to update you guys on.. first of all my finger is still sore, my knuckle swelling is starting to go down. I keep it wrapped the majority of the time, but occasionally I'll take it out and move it round. It's funny but I've had issues with that same finger when I was a kid and dislocated all eight of my fingers at once (long and painful story). Anyways even when this fully heals there is going to be damage to this hand, it's not going to be horrible (disfigured) but some mobility will be loss.

Second thing I wanted to update you guys on is my new gig. But honestly there isn't much to update  you on. I've been working on the post schedule the past few days. I was suppose to be setting up edit bays and offices but they are currently occupied by another company, so that will have to wait. Start up time for a show is always slow, but this one seems to be a little slower then normal.. oh well it's a job and I'm thankful for that.

Once again traffic wasn't that bad, it's taking me about an hour and 15 to get here and to get home. Now I know that sounds like alot to some of you.. but my normal commute from my place to Santa Monica is just under two hours.. so yay!!

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  1. Sorry to hear about your finger. My daughter broke the bone above her middle finger in early June, and I have another friend who broke his finger. What's up with all the finger trauma! :)

    I feel for you with the daily commute. Mine can go from 1 to 1.5 hours depending upon traffic and weather conditions. At this point, I am mostly used to it but it is still a lot of time out of one's day. Podcasts and Playlists are my diversion of choice -- including M.A.S.H. and Alien Nation for sure!

    Take it easy, my friend. Hope that the job will eventually exercise your creativity and they can see what an awesome person and resource you are!