Monday, June 18, 2012

First Day on The Job

Got up early around 6am, didn't need to be up until 7:30am but I couldn't sleep. I'm not sure if it was nerves or excitement for my new job. If you haven't been following my work woes, I've been out of work going on nine months. I interviewed for a job about a month ago and thought I nailed it but there was someone who had a more impressive resume so they went with him. Flash forward four days ago and I get a call from this same employer asking me if I had gotten a job yet because the person they hired didn't work out. I couldn't believe my luck, I said I was free and they made me an "offer". I accepted it and now have a job for the next ten weeks.

Traffic wasn't that bad and by not that bad it took me an hour and a half to get here this morning. I've had commute up to 2 and a half hours when traffic is really bad.. so this wasn't horrible.

I first had to go to the main office to meet with the EP's, fill out my start paperwork and such before heading over to where they will be doing post (about a mile or so away for their office). When looking at the post edit schedule I noticed that this gig ran until the end of October, much longer then 10 weeks.. if fact it's almost doubled with 19 weeks. Needless to say that this makes me extremely happy.

After spending the morning over there I headed to Lot 5 where we will be doing post. The facility is really nice, got a tour of the place and they showed me where my offices and edit bays will be, currently occupied by Nickelodeon. They are moving out at the end of this week, but that's cool since I'm the only person in post this week. So I have a temp office, which may wind up being my actual office.. but I'm hoping for a windowed room.

This place has a really nice "break" room. besides the soda and snacks they have a very nice lounge area with a big screen TV as well as a pool table and stand up Arcade game with over 120 old school games.

The rest of the day I read through documents for the network show specs, got my new macbook laptop an set that up. Had a meeting with my Post Producer and facilities manager. Just kind of got a feel for whats coming.

Got off a little pass 7pm and made my way home, again I have been in traffic that has taken me a few hours to get home but like this morning, I got home in an hour and ten minutes. There wasn't a single break light the entire time.. yes there were tons of cars but everything was moving.

This show will have some challenges, as most shows do. We're not doing online here so that's one thing I don't have to worry about, which is nice. Right now things are moving fast but start up of a new project is always a struggle but once things are flowing I think it should be a pretty fun gig.

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