Sunday, June 3, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman (my review)

Got to see this movie today.. first here's a quick synopsis; The enchanting Snow White (Kristen Stewart) joins forces with the fierce Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth), who was recruited by the diabolical Queen (Charlize Theron) to kill the fair beauty, and together they fight to rid their kingdom of evil in this bold new take on the fairy-tale classic. Obsessed with being the fairest woman in the land, the Queen learns that Snow White will soon surpass her in beauty, and seeks to achieve immortality by consuming the young girl's heart. But the Huntsman is the only one capable of braving the dark forest to seek out Snow White. Threatened with death should he refuse to follow his order, the Huntsman finds Snow White, and begins training her for the arduous battle ahead.

(Spoiler ahead)

I loved this movie, it was fun, beautifully shot, visually stunning, cool special effects and overall very entertaining. I'm not a Kristen Stewart hater so I thought she did a good job as Snow, Chris Hemsworth is always great in playing the strong hero but my favorite was Charlize Theron as the evil queen. Whenever she was on screen all attention went to her. She was fantastic.

My favorite part of the movie is when they go to Fairyland, it's so beautiful and I loved seeing all the enchanted creatures. I really liked their take on the "fairy". I miss really good fantasy movies, Lord of the Rings was the last one that I adored and I can't wait for The Hobbit. I would have loved to see them do a bit more in this "Fairyland".

I really liked the Dwarfs, each one had it's own personality. My buddy Robert turned to me and said "I thought there were seven dwarfs but I keep counting eight." and of course one of the dwarfs kind of has this thing with Snow and you just totally adore him.. so of course something is going to happen to him, and it does toward the end of that scene. He sacrifices himself and takes an arrow to save Snow. It's the only time I teared up during the movie.. so sad... but now there are only seven dwarfs.

I'm really looking forward to seeing this movie again. I give Snow White and the Huntsman an A+ for visuals, B+ for story, B+ for acting and an A- overall.

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  1. Good review Kenny. It was stylized in a more dark and gritty way, than we usually see from fairy-tale movies, but I still liked that about it even when the story started to get weaker. Also, just couldn't take my eyes off of Theron.