Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hanging with the Bros

When I got up around 7:30 the ladies had already left. Robert and Rupert were chatting in the living room. I made some sausage, toast and eggs for breakfast and we sat down to figure out what our plan was for today. We decided to watch a movie, after the guys scoured through my DVD/Bluray collection we decided to watch Adventures in Babysitting. This is one of my favorite movies from the 80's.

After the movie we headed out to my back porch to just relax in the hot sun. We chatted for about an hour before we realized that we were getting red so we headed back inside.

For lunch we headed out to Chilli's, man I love their boneless buffalo wings. Robert was the good one of the group by having soup and salad while Rupert had this huge burger and I had, of course, boneless buffalo wings with fries.

After lunch we headed back to my place and as I was getting in my jeep I felt this sting on my back. I wasn't sure but I think I sat on a bee and it stung me. Sure enough when I got home and I got out of the jeep there was a bee sitting in my chair. Luckily it only hurt for a short time and I'm very happy that I'm not allergic to them as that would have been bad since I was driving.

Once home we hung out for an hour as we plan to go see Snow White and the Huntsman. Robert really didn't want to see it but was being a nice guy as he knew I really wanted to see this movie.

We got to the movies, found our seats and waited for the movie to start. I loved the movie. I'm going to do a separate blog with my quick review.

After the movie we headed back to my place and Robert packed up his stuff and headed home. Rupert and I hung out for a few more hours watching TV and stuff. Jes, finally got home from the shoot and decided to crash one more night at my place because it was late and she lives six hours from me. Around 11ish Rupert said he's good byes and headed home while Jes and I called it a night and went to bed.

It was another fun and relaxing day with friends.

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