Sunday, July 29, 2012

Family Scare, Podcast Woes & Grease is the Word

Again today was suppose to be a catch up on podcast but that wasn't the case. My best friend Josh is in a stage rendition of Grease and today was the final performance. I missed him in Hello Dolly and Beauty and the Beast so there was no way I was going to miss this. It was at 4pm and out in Riverside, which is close to where my family is so I figured I'd go visit them before hand and then go to Josh's play and that's what I did.

I got up early once again (not a fan of doing that on the weekend) but I wanted to leave early so I could spend a fair amount of time with the family. Got there around 11ish and Dad, Brother, Sister-in-law, nephew and niece all went to lunch at Shakey's pizza. It was fun just hanging out with the family. After lunch my Dad and I went over to Walmart so I could pick up an SD card reader as the built in one on my computer died yesterday. While at Walmart I was with my Dad looking through dvd's when he started coughing and the next thing I knew he was falling to the ground. I managed to catch him mid fall and slowly lay him on the ground. I heart started racing as I kept talking to him but he wasn't responding. It was probably like 30 seconds but it felt like an hour, he finally came too. Of course we had some spectators and even a woman who I assume is a nurse as she asked if he was diabetic and if he recently ate.. and of course he did and he had a root beer and drank too much of it. After a few minutes he was okay to stand and we continued shopping. It was scary moment and I was just seconds away from calling 911. He knew he shouldn't have drank that entire soda..

I watched him closely for the next few hours and everything seems to be good. At 3 I left so I could get to the theater at a decent time and get a great seat for Josh's play. Got there around 3:30 and went to buy my ticket and met up with Nicole (Josh's ex). Got to catch up with her for a few minutes. I could have gotten a complementary seat but instead decided to pay a bit and get a front row seat... great choice.

Josh was playing Roger, who is one of the T-birds and isn't in the movie. It was fun watching him perform, dance and sing. They really had some great actors. I loved all the pink ladies and several of the T-birds. I wasn't a fan of Danny but Sandy was great. Doody, Frenchy, Jan and Rizzo were my favorites.. besides Josh's Roger (of course). After the show Josh and I got to hang out for a few minutes before he had to go and help tear down the stage (this was there last performance). I headed home around 7:30pm and wouldn't get home until a little after 9pm. I was tried but I still had to get more podcasts done. So far this weekend I wanted to do five and I manage to do one. I stayed up the next few hours recording and editing the next Knights of the Guild podcast. By the time I went to bed it was in the wee hours but I had finished my 2nd podcasts.. not the five that I was hoping for but two of the most important ones. Just wish there were more days in the weekend.

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