Saturday, August 4, 2012

Podcasts, Post Office & Pollo

Got up early today because I had to edit several podcasts this weekend and when I say this weekend I meant half of the day today as I was booked doing other things this evening and all of tomorrow. So as soon as I got up I got to work editing my next Alien Nation Podcast. Had a really good time editing this one. It's one of my favorite episodes of the series and it come across in the recording. I finished around 2pm. I was really hoping to get both Alien Nation and My Gimpy Life podcasts done but that didn't happen. I went out and grabbed a bit to eat before converting and uploading the podcast and prepping it for release on August 10th.

Once that was done I needed to head to the post office to drop off some donation "rewards" that I had promised people a month ago as well as sending off my best friend Chris' posters and pictures that he got from SDCC. Got to the post off about 4:15 and was out by 4:30pm. I really wanted to get new glasses but I just didn't have time. I now had to leave the post office and head down the Mar Vista to meet up with my buddy Robert. He and I were going to a pre-release screening of The Odd Life of Timothy Green. But before that we wanted to pick up some dinner and decided to grab some grub from La Salsa. We had a nice dinner and when we were exiting a gentleman asked if we could help with purchasing his food. He only had a few dollars and change. Both Robert and I pulled out $5 dollars each to cover his meal. I'd rather buy a meal for someone then give them money. The man in return gave us both a huge and very tight bear hug. It was a very odd situation. After that we headed to the theater and got in live around 6:45pm, they left us in at 7pm and the movie started at 7:30. Blog about movie will follow this blog.

Once the movie was over we headed back to Robert's place where I crashed for the night as we were both going to Disneyland tomorrow for our buddy Anthony's birthday. Though I didn't get everything done that I was hoping I still feel it was a very productive day.

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