Monday, July 30, 2012

No Shirt But More Hobbit

I was so tired from this past weekend that I drove to work without a shirt on. Now let me explain my routine. I have an hour and a half commute one way everyday sitting in traffic with the hot sun beating down on me. So I've started wearing white undershirts as I drive and then when I get to work I change into the shirt I am going to wear for the day. So like every morning I picked out a shirt and set it on my bed. Gathered up all my stuff and headed to my jeep, at this time I am normally shirtless because my white tees lives in my jeep. I normally put on the tee but I was so tired that I just got in my jeep and didn't realized I wasn't wearing a shirt until about halfway through my commute. Not only did I realize that I wasn't wearing a shirt.. but I also realized that I didn't bring the shirt that I was suppose to wear today. I quickly reached in the back and grabbed my balled up white tee. It was a bit wrinkled but it would do the job.

While driving to work I got a text from informing us that Peter Jackson just announced that the Hobbit movies are going from two to three. Instead of splitting into two movies they are going to split it in three movies. I know some folks are upset thinking that it's just a way for the big companies to make more money and I'm sure that's some of it.. but with all the appendix stuff I'm sure they can add enough to the Hobbit movie to make a third movie, there is so much great story in there. So now we have part one coming out in December of this year, part two coming out December of next year and part three coming out Summer of 2014. I can't wait for this movie/trilogy.

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  1. nice to know this will make for a wanderful movie i will be looking forward to seeing the habbit in the theater