Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Bourne Legacy

Tonight after work I went to a PGA (Producers Guild of America) pre-release screening of The Bourne Legacy. I was able to bring one guest and that was my buddy Robert. He swung by my job and picked me up and we headed to the Writer's Guild theater. Traffic was horrible but we manage to get there with 15 minutes to spare. When we got into the theater it was packed. I was not looking forward to sitting in the far corner so we headed to the back and fortune was upon as as there were two seats in the second to last row in the middle section.

Both Robert and I were starving and because traffic was horrible we weren't able to pick up any food. Besides there is no food or drink allowed in the theater. Anyways with all PGA screening Kyle (PGA member who runs these things) gets up and does her speech and tells us which producers worked on this film. Then the movie starts, Robert made a comment that it's weird not having any preview before the movie.

(Gonna try and keep this a spoiler free as possible) I've seen all the previous Bourne movies and really enjoyed them so I was looking forward to this one even thought the main character Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) was replaced by another agent Aaron Cross played by Jeremy Renner. Over all I really enjoyed this movie. Lot's of set up for this new character but I liked the whole story idea and how they tied it in with the other three movies. Someone asked me if you needed to see the first three movies to enjoy this movie and I would have to say yes. You could watch this film as just a cool action movie and it works but you wouldn't get half of the plot without info from the other three movies. The action sequences were pretty awesome (as are all Bourne movies). You get to see some of the same characters from the previous three movies, which is always cool. If you enjoyed the previous Bourne movies then you'll enjoy this movie.. it's a great addition to the Bourne franchise. I give this move a B

After the movie Robert drove me back to my work so I could pick up my car.. but first we grabbed some noms from Taco Bell. It was a nice way to end a busy day at work.

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