Tuesday, September 18, 2012

42 Pixs til my 42nd Birthday - Days 36 & 37

Age 36

Age 37
Here I am at Age 36 & 37. Two more years in my 30's. I loved my 30's I had some of the best times then. I wasn't a huge party person in my 20's and I was in the closet for most of them. So my 30's is when I really felt like I was starting to live my life. Picture on the left I'm wearing a t-shirt of one of my favorite podcasts Treks in Scifi. It was one of the first that I listen to and participated in. It made me the podcaster that I am today.. Thanks Rico. The picture on the right is when I was a groomsman for one of my good friends Chris. Chris and I meet while I was working on the Dating Game many years ago and have been good friends since. We don't see each other as often as I would like but he is one of those people that when we do get together we pick up right were we left off, like no time has passed us by. Less then a week until my birthday!!!

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