Friday, September 21, 2012

Let The Party Begin

Work was actually not as horrible as it had been the past week. It did feel like the day just dragged as I wanted it to be over so quickly. Finally 7pm arrived and I headed home. Chris was hanging out at my place all day long. He did a bit of yard work, took down my deck railing and a few odds and ends around the house (it was very much appreciated). I picked up some Taco Bell for our dinner as we had folks arriving tonight to kick off my birthday weekend.

Got home around 8ish and at the same time my first guest Robert arrived. We ate Taco Bell and kind of hung out for a bit before more arrived. Within the next few hours Chris, Brett, Robert, Dallas, Rupert, Kevin, Jessica and Aaron arrived. We started up a game of Cards Against Humanity and was having a great time. Doug arrived shortly after we started the game and joined in.

We finished around midnight and decided that we were going to go to bed as we had an early day tomorrow. I was still awake around 1am when I heard Jes and Olivia arrive so I ran out for a minute to give them a hug hello before heading back to bed excited for this upcoming weekend.

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