Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Hobbit Life

So I've always consider myself a Hobbit. I mean I am short (not as short as a Hobbit, but short) I love nature, good friends, love to eat and partake in the drink from time to time. Only thing that is not very Hobbit like is I'm not a smoker. Hobbits are hard working, salt of the Earth and I've always identified with them. I even choose to be a Hobbit when I started to cosplay at cons. That costume and me just seem to fit. I would love to live in a Hobbit hole if I could and if I can one day will build my own Hobbit hole.

The past few months I've been thinking of tweeting as a Hobbit. So I started a new twitter account for my alter ego Frodo Gamgee. Now if you know your Lord of the Rings lore you know Frodo Gamgee is Samwise and Rosies first son, who was named after his master Frodo.

Not sure what I'm going to tweet, but I hope it will be fun for me and for all those who read it. You can follow Frodo Gamgee at @MyHobbitLife

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