Monday, September 17, 2012

Calorie Counter App

My boss talked about this app a few months ago when I started this job and then this past weekend several friends were telling me about this calorie counting app that really helps them stay on track and lose weight. So I thought I'd give it a go. My boss told me it was called "Lose It" so I downloaded it (it was free) and checked it out. It was a really cool app that kept track of everything you ate. When you signed up it would ask you weight, your goal weight, your height, age and how much weight you wanted to lose a week. When all that information is in it gives you the number of calories that you can eat a day and lose the amount of weight you requested.

I was so excited for this new app that I talked my buddy Robert into downloading it. And he really liked it. I then talked to my friends who were talking about it over the weekend and found out that it was actually a different app called My Fitness Pal but it is essentially the same app. Since there is a "friends" function where you can see and motivate your friends so both Robert and I switched to My Fitness Pal.

Will see if I can keep up with it. But honestly it does stop me from snacking. I really want to make sure I stay under my calorie count. I'm currently allowed to eat 1600 calories a day in order to lose 1 pound a week and it will take me 43 weeks to reach my goal of 165. It seems like a slow process but hopefully during that time I learn to each different so I can keep the weight off for good.

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