Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Guild Wrap Party Surprise

Today didn't start off so great. I was up working until about 4am. Went to bed and slept to about 8am and then back to work I went. Was another busy day here at the office but I had planned to do something fun during the evening.

It was The Guild's sixth season wrap party. They were having it at a bar/restaurant in Hollywood. It started at 7pm but I didn't get off work until around 7pm. I was able to bring a plus 1 and asked my buddy Robert if he wanted to join me since he extra'd on season six. He of course said yes so after work I headed over to his place and Robert drove us to the venue.

We got there around 8pm and there weren't many people there yet. We got some drink tickets and headed to the bar. We were standing there when I looked over my shoulder and was excited/surprised beyond belief, my best friend Chris (who lives in Montana) was standing behind me with our friend Jen. This was a total surprise. He had told me that he wasn't going to be able to make it down for my Birthday (which is the coming weekend) or to the Wrap party. He had come down a few weeks prior to work on The Guild season six so I figured he couldn't take the time off or afford to fly back down so soon after.

I was on cloud nine, not only was I going to be able to hang with him tonight but he was going to be here until Monday afternoon.. I got an entire six days to hang with my bestie.

After that surprise nothing could damper my spirits. The four of us (Jen, Robert, Chris and myself) found a table and sat down. This was the same group of friends that I went to Disneyland earlier this year and had the best time I have ever had there. It was fun as folks would come to us and say hi and chat. I was so hungry and kept taking food from waiters whenever they came by that one of the waitress would come directly to me knowing I would take something. We chatted with cast members like Felicia and crew members who have become good friends.

Over all the night was a success, I was super tired as I didn't get much sleep the night before but Robert and I called it a night at midnight. We did mange to get our Cast and Crew Guild Tshirts, which were pretty EPIC... Chris and Jen stayed a few more hours and closed down the place. We all crashed at Robert's place.

Can't wait for this weekend...

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