Friday, September 21, 2012

Space Shuttle Endeavor

Today was a special day.. not only was the it the beginning of my birthday weekend. The shuttle Endeavor is being transported to Los Angeles Space Museum but first it was going to be traveling all over southern California doing a low fly over for all to see. Several of us in our office decided to go out and see if we could see it as it was flying over Santa Monica Pier and I work fairly close to that. So we headed out around 11:45 is what we hear would be the time of the fly over. We waited, and waited for about 15 minutes when other people from surrounding offices started coming out. They said the shuttle was due to fly over at 12:10 and soon after there is was and WOW. It was much closer to use and much closer to the ground then I expected. It was pretty EPIC. It only lasted a few seconds as we were standing in between two large buildings so our view was limited but it was enough to give me chills and stare in awe. I plan go visit the shuttle once it's placed at the museum but to be part of it's last flight was pretty incredible.  (the picture to the left doesn't do it justice, it looked so much closer in real life)

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