Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bros and Steaks

Today started off nice as I crashed at Robert's place with Jen and Chris. Robert was out first and I left second. Instead of my 2 hour commute it's 15 minutes. Work as crazy as usual, nothing new there. But it was tough to work knowing that my best friend was in town and I couldn't hang out with him. He was up to some shenanigans and wouldn't tell me what was going on. I assumed it had to do with my upcoming birthday. I did manage to get out of work a little early at 5pm at the same time Chris arrived at my office. We headed back to my house but first stopped by a grocery store to get food and supplies for the birthday weekend.

Shopping with Chris is always fun... we are like an old married couple, bickering back and fourth about what should be purchased. It's always fun bantering back and forth. The more he told me not to touch his basket the more I had to touch it. :) After shopping we headed home. Chris gave me one rule, to not go into my large garage, I knew he was up to some shenanigans. 

I spent the evening cleaning up the house. Occasionally I would watch some TV with Chris (mostly Doctor Who specials). For dinner Chris BBQ some delicious steaks (oh how I have missed those). Chris also introduced me to blended wine (red and white) and it was very tasty. Soon it was bed time. I so wish it was Friday but atlas it is only Thursday and I still have one more day of work before I can start my Birthday weekend.

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