Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dinner with a Long Lost Friend

Tonight after work I made plans to have dinner with my buddy Christopher, He's a friend I've known for over 10 years. He was one of my first "gay" friends after I came out. We actually went out on a date but came to realize that we were better friends. Anyways our friendship has been kind of on and off as of late. Nothing really came between us, we were both busy and never could find the time to hang out. The past few years we would see each other every few months and swear that we won't let another three months pass us by without seeing each other but then three months would pass by and we make the same commitment. Well it's been another three months and we finally got to have dinner tonight. We meet up at CPK (California Pizza Kitchen). We spent the next few hours catching up on each other's lives. We even talked about our friendship and not seeing each other as much as we'd like. He hasn't been doing so well lately and I feel bad as if I let him down. I got caught up in my own life with podcasting, work and "my geek mob" friends I let the few friends I had prior fall by the waste side and I am sorry for that. I must try harder to keep in contact with all my friends. Even if it's just a quick text or email. Lucky for me I'll be seeing Christopher this Saturday as we are doing to see a stage play of Xanadu... can't wait.

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