Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Poem - Magic

I use to write lot of poetry in the 20's.  I thought it might be fun to share some of it on my blog. So I'll be posting various poems that I wrote over the years. Some deal with looking for love, some deal with being a father, some I wrote for friends. and some dealt with being alone. Each one was written from the heart and says alot about me as a young man during a very trying time of my life.

I thought I would start with one of my love poems, it wasn't written to anyone in particular. I was still in the closet, confused and alone. I desperately wanted to find that one person who could make my life complete. This is what I imagined true love to be like.


It was written in the stars way up above,
That you and I were destine to fall in love.

Right from the start you stole my heart,
I knew right there we would never part.

When I dream at night all my thoughts are of you,
But to live the rest of my life with you in a dream come true.

You have a hold of my heart and all I feel is amore,
It’s an unbelievable feeling that I have never felt before.

When I touch your sweet face and hold your soft hand,
Life can’t get any better, any better for one man.

There is a feeling inside that will never go away,
A bonding of souls that will always remain.

Love at first sight has always been a myth,
Until I meet you I could not resist.

Your eyes are so beautiful and your voice is so sweet,
My life if full of joy and all I can do is weep.

I'm thankful everyday, everyday I spend with you,
For what is life without love, the love shared by two.


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