Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jeep Woes, Glasses, Hobbitses & Buffy

Today I headed over to Jiffy Lube first thing in the morning. Yesterday when I got in my car to head to work I noticed that there was this liquid inside the wheel well of my back driver side tire. At first I thought it was water but when I touched it I noticed that it was some sort of lubricant. A few weeks back I took my jeep in to Jiffy Lube and they serviced my rear differentials so I thought maybe a tube or something came loose. After checking they couldn't find anything wrong and have no idea where that fluid came from. Since I'm not a big car person I have to take their word.  Guess will have to wait and see. I've been wanting to get a new car for a while now (something with better gas mileage) and I think the time is now.

On my way into work I stopped by Lencrafters as my new glasses were ready. I was in and out in no time and now have these new geeky glasses and I love them. I hated the progressive lenses so I asked for bi-focals.. man this is going to take some time getting use to.

Work moved along a nice pace.. wasn't too crazy or stressful. While at work I got word that the new Hobbit figures were now up for pre-sale. At first I went to Amazon and started adding them to my cart. I have several gift cards I could use. But being the good consumer that I am I checked to see if they were up for pre-sale anywhere else for a better price and came across Toys R Us. And there prices were $2 to $5 cheaper. So I ordered everything they had... They have released 13 figures so far, but one of the figures pre-sale was already sold out. So I would up getting only 12 of the 13.  I'll need to find that one somewhere else. So I spent about $200 on Hobbit figures and I can't wait until they are shipped out. Talked to my brother and he offered to pay half of that for my Birthday present... woo hooo.

My night ended by going over to my buddy Robert's place for our weekly Buffy Rewatch.  I got out of work a bit early so we were able to watch four episodes tonight. We also tried something new for dinner Chinese.. it's wasn't bad.. we started with S2 "Surprise" which changed everything between Buffy and Angel. Next was "Innocence" part 2 of the Angel goes bad story. Third was "Phases" were we find out that Oz is a werewolf and to end the night we watched "Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered" which I think was a great episode to end on. I've never seen Robert laugh so much at an episode of Buffy. As per usual I crashed at his place. We stayed up another hour or so chatting before finally calling it a night.  All in all a good day.

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