Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Birthday Party Weekend - Sunday

It's my Birthday !!! I'm 42 years old today. After last night I was determined to make this day AWESOME. Got up around 8ish and the majority of the folks were up. I started breakfast, this time eggs, sausages, bacon, potatoes and toast. I made a ton of food hoping it would be enough to feed everyone and alas it did not. But on the upside all my guests ate breakfast, on the downside I did not. I was the one person who didn't get any so I quickly made some pancakes for me.

After breakfast we wanted to head to Vasquez Rocks before it was too hot outside. That was alot of fun. We had several folks who had never been to Vasquez Rocks which is always a treat. About 2/3's of the group decided to start the hike off by climbing the "main" peak. It's a tough climb but once you get to the top and take a look around, it's well worth it.

After that we meander around for an hour and a half. It wasn't crazy hard and the entire group stayed together, which made it even more fun. We did a big loop back to the cars.

We normally go out to lunch after our Vasquez hike but since we went a bit earlier we decided to head back to my place to open gifts and eat some cake.

Once back at my place I gathered the gifts around me and started to open them. I got DVD's, clothes, a book, Star Trek salt and pepper shakers, and a bunch of Harry Potter scrap booking material. Lots of cool things. Thanks everyone.

After presents it was time for a cake. I had asked Jes if she could possible make me my Birthday Cake. I know she's a great baker and I knew she would make something yummy. What I didn't expect was what it would look like. Chris covered my eyes and lead me to the cake. When I opened my eyes I couldn't believe what I was looking at. Jes made me a Hobbit Hole Cake. It was incredible. And the best part was that the Hobbit Hole was made of some sort of plaster so I could keep it, (it now lives on my fireplace mantle). Everyone sang Happy Birthday to me, I made my wish and blew out the candles. The cake was, as expected, very delicious.

While we ate cake and ice cream we put on another fun movie A Knight's Tale (again this seemed to be a favorite of many folks). I only recently watched the entire movie with Chris and loved it.

After the movie,  many of us headed out to Baja Fresh for a late lunch, early dinner. After this we said our goodbye to Jes and Olivia who has to drive back up north to the San Fransisco area.  The rest came back to my place.

I put in our final movie of the weekend, and one of my most favorites.. Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring. During this movie we continued to lose people. Soon it was just a handful left, we ate taquitos and what was left of the cake for snacks. Once the movie was over the remaining guests hung around an hour or so before our final guest left around 10:30pm , but before they left we put my house back together ( I always appreciate when everyone helps with that).

Now it was just Chris and I and I was soooo tired but since Chris is a new Whovian I wanted to watch the latest episode.. and that's what we did. We sat down in the TV room and watched the latest episode of Doctor Who "The Power of Three". It was another good episode and I have to say that so far season seven has been a lot of fun.

After Who Chris and I chatted for a bit before we said goodnight and went to bed.

So today was a really good day, other then running out of breakfast and not getting any, the rest of the day was a blast. It was a great way to end my Birthday Weekend Extravaganza.  Other then the little rough patch on Saturday evening this weekend was full of good times, great movies and best friends any guy could ask for. Thanks everyone for joining me to celebrate my 42nd Birthday.

Thank you Jes, Jen, Will, Josh, Justin, Jennifer C., Jennifer L, Matt, Jared, Adam, Anthony, Patrick, Kim, Robert, Rupert, Scott, Kevin, Doug, Luis, Troy, Olivia, Jessica, Brett, Dallas, Aaron and of course a special thanks to Chris for making this 42nd birthday extra special.

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  1. I'm truly sorry you had a bad time Saturday evening - I had a feeling this was the case when I came and found you on the deck. It was, however, great to just chat with you for a while and catch up, it's been to long! You are one of the best people I know, Kenny. I hope your 42nd Year brings you all the love and joy possible! If I can help create and of that for you, don't hesitate to call! you Know my number!