Friday, September 28, 2012

Suddenly Unempolyed Again!!

Today at 4pm the executive producer of the current show I am working on gathered everyone together to announce that the show is going dark (meaning being shut down). Which meant as of that moment I was out of a job.

Now let me back track a few days.. On Monday my supervisor asked me to go for a walk (meaning he wanted to talk to me). He said that I should get my resume in order as there are rumblings of this show being shut down. He wasn't sure when or if it would happen but he wanted to give me a heads up. So I've been kind of waiting for this to happen all week. Then today at around 2pm he asked to go for a walk again and he told me it was happening today.

Firstly the show did not get cancelled, the creative people behind the show and the network couldn't see eye to eye on how they wanted this show to play out. We've been working on this show for three months and have yet to finish a single episode and in fact are far from finishing a single episode. The production company was hemorrhaging money and needed it to stop. Their best course of action was to let everyone go. Work on re-tooling the show so that the network is happy and then start up post again. This could be weeks, months or years.

I'm actually happy to be done with this show and I think this is exactly what should have happen. Am I upset that I'm jobless again.. of course. No one ever likes to be jobless, but the 4 hour commute (there and back) was killing me and the stress of not getting cuts out on time was horrible.

I had a great three months with them and me being me I saved up a little bit of fund to survive a few months if needed. So I'm good, at least for now. Gonna take this opportunity to clean up my house (going to be selling soon) and catch up on editing some podcasts. Just because I'm out of work doesn't mean I can be lazy... okay maybe I can be lazy a day or two :)

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  1. You do such a great job of bouncing back when setbacks happen. You have such a positive outlook! It's cheering to read, that even when things seem dark, you just turn on the light. :)-JL