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2012 My Year in Review

So I'm just going to post month to month some highlights and maybe a few low lights from this past year.


I started a new podcast with my brother. Alien Nation The Newcomer Podcast. Alien Nation was/is a show that my brother and I loved when we were younger and I have been wanting to do a podcast with my brother for sometime so this seemed a perfect fit. We have the best time getting together and recording a few episodes at a time. It's not my most successful podcast but we're having a great time doing them and really that is all that matters.

Starting working out again, I tend to do this at the beginning of each year. I'm pumped up to lose some weight and start eating better. And as usual things don't always go as planned, it's a constant battle that I refuse to give up on.

Had one of my movie marathon weekends, this time we watched Back to the Future Trilogy. And as always it was epic.


My bestie Chris always drove three hours down to see me for my movie marathon so this weekend I decided to drive up to see them. I asked a few friends and Anthony, Rupert and Aaron joined me in this adventure. It was a ton of fun, the ride up and back was a blast but it was great seeing Chris and where he worked. It was a very memorable trip.

Did a trip to Disneyland with some Guildies. It's always fun getting together with them and to add in more fun throw in Disneyland.. the happiest place on Earth.

During this latest trip to Disneyland I finally got to meet Robert. Robert was an extra for Season 5 of The Guild. I really don't remember seeing him there but we became Facebook friends and one day I had tickets for a Hammer improv show that I couldn't attend so I posted on facebook that I had them and if anyone wanted them. Well Robert respond and got the tickets. I had checked out his profile and thought he was extremely cute so a week later I messaged him over Facebook and asked about the show. That started regular conversations between us and him joining us at Disneyland. He was only with us for a short time at Disneyland but the little time I hung out with him we really clicked. I was bummed to find out that he was straight but hey I don't mind having nice looking friends. Robert joined us for my next movie marathon and that was it. We were BFF's.  He has become one of my very best friends. We bonded quickly and I really got to know Robert. I talked to him via facebook everyday and when I was working in Santa Monica I saw him two to three times a week. We're even doing TV nights once a week.. started with Firefly and are not currently in the middle of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Meeting Robert is truly one of the best highlights of 2012.

Another good friend of mine came to visit me this month. My buddy Thomas from Ireland was doing tournament in Las Vegas and extended his stay a few days so he could come and hang with me... how awesome is that. We hung out for several days, did movies, dinners, Vasquez Rocks and Disneyland while he was here. I don't get to see Thomas often but when I do I cherish every minute.

At the end of the month I had another epic movie marathon weekend, this time we did 80's Scifi and Fantasy movies. It was a huge turnout for this one and most of use dressed up as our favorite 80's movie/tv character. Many greats times were had that weekend.


Started off great with another trip to Disneyland, this time I went with three of my best friends, Chris, Jen and Robert. I have to say that I love Disneyland and I enjoy myself everytime I go but this was by far the most fun I have every had at the happiest place on Earth. The four of us just clicked, every conversation was hilarious, we all just had the best of time. I hold that day as one of the best days of my life.

Went and saw a very cool musical written by an ex of mine, Tom. He's so talented and I'm so happy that he's getting some truly deserved success. The musical was called Geeks! The Musical! and it was FANTASTIC!!!

Had what I said would be one of my last movie marathon. This time it was Jurassic Park. I have highs and lows with it come to these marathons. It's alot of work on my part to put something like this together so there are times during each one of these weekends were I get low or upset or frustrated. It happens at everyone but in the end I always wind up having a great time.

I did Wondercon this year because it was in Anaheim this year. It's normally in San Fransisco. It was a mini version of Comic Con but still a blast and I got to hang out with some of my most favorite people in the world.. not to mention that I went dressed at a Hobbit and anytime I can dress up like a Hobbit I'm going to take it.

The month ended one something that I would hope would never happen. My best friend Chris was relocated to Montana and was leaving California for years. I put on the biggest and best going away party I could pull off. There were picnics, fancy restaurants, painting balling, movies, great food and most of all the best group of friends. I think Chris really enjoyed his send off. I was very happy with how everything turned out.


Since my best friend Chris was moving to Montana I wasn't going to let him do this all by himself. So he packed up his place in a U-haul and I joined him for the 1000 mile trip. We went to Vegas the first night and then pretty much drove through another four states and made it to Montana in three days. We stayed on base while we looked for a new place for him to live. We found a perfect apartment, moved everything in and during my final days he introduced me to Minecraft which I quickly became addicted to. I spent two wonderful weeks up in Montana with a person that has truly changed my life. I don't even know if he is aware at how much I adore him.

End of the month there were two top secret shoots done at my house. First was Felicia's Country music video with Jason Charles Miller. I'm even in it. The second was a 5 Minute Comedy Hour episode (which has yet to air so I can't say much about it). Both were tons of fun and I'm glad they were able to shoot on my property.


Started taking a picture of me everyday in May

Finally got to meet an online friend who I have been friends with for years.. Sebastian. He was awesome and we have become really good friends. There is something about Sebastian that I can tell him pretty much anything and feel comfortable about it.. I love that about our relationship.

My friend Teal started her webseries My Gimpy Life, which I was happy to be a part of. Extraing and podcasting.

President Obama came out on gave his support for Gay Marriage.. this was a huge moment in not only "gay" history but history in general.

Had another movie marathon, this time we went with 80's Teen Movies. This was the first movie marathon without Chris, but I did invite two new friends, Justin (who it Josh's brother and Brett, who extra'd on The Guild). Both have become part of The Geek Mob.

I got to go to my first Renaissance Faire, can't wait for my next one.

And the end the month I got to watch The Avengers with a group of Guildies and then we went out for Shwarma afterwards.. it was pretty epic.


I got a job.. after being out of work since October (9 months) I finally got a new job working as a Post Production Supervisor for High Noon Entertainment. Unfortunately it only lasted until September when the show I was working on got pulled for re-tooling.

I got to see an Lord of the Rings musical that I've been wanting to see for years "Fellowship: The Musical". It was awesome and I can't wait to see it again.


Attended my 9th San Diego Comic Con, again was surround by friend, best bud Chris even came down. I dressed up at my Hobbit alter ego as well in my Star Trek outfit. Had a blast as usual.. lots of great memories.

On the ride home Chris and I came up with a great idea that we are calling our "Secret Project" We have been working on it all year and hope to announce something in the near future.

I released the first episode of my newest podcast (5th one) My Gimpy Life Podcast


The Guild season six started filming and once again I was on set, but this time I only could do weekends.. so I was there for 6 of the 15 shoot days.

Everyone seemed to like my pic a day in May so I did a picture a day until my 42nd birthday.. so day one I posted a picture of me at age 1, day 2 age 2 and so on. It was a lot of fun seeing how much I changed over the years.


Attended Comickaze Con in Los Angeles.. again anytime i have an opportunity to dress up as a Hobbit I'm going to take it.

Got to watch the Space Shuttle Endeavor fly over my work place.. it was pretty amazing to see.

Had a great 42nd Birthday party weekend. There were few bumps that weekend and saw a few cracks in my Geek Mob. But you know everything can't stay the same.. change is inevitable.

Lost my job due to the show being pulled for re-tooling.


Started preparing my house to be sold. Harry and I purchased this house three years ago and since we are no longer together and I am able to sell it now I'm taking steps in starting that process.

Starting getting my PGA screeners.. this year I got some fantastic movies.

Did a Geek-A-Thon for my friend America.. that was a ton of fun.

Disney purchased Lucas film and made one of the biggest announcements in recent history. Star Wars Episode 7 is in pre-production with plans to make a new Star Wars movie every few years.

Watched Downton Abbey and fell in love with it. One of my favorite TV series on right now.


Got my 3rd Tattoo.. this time Lord of the Rings themed. I think it turned out great. So far I've gotten one a year since turning 40. Harry Potter at 40, Star Wars at 41 and now LOTR at 42.. next will be Star Trek


Did a Lord of the Rings extended edition movie marathon at the Arclight with my buddy Robert.. had an awesome time.

Watched the first installment of The Hobbit movies An Unexpected Journey and loved it. Saw it in the new 48 fps as well as traditional 24 fps.

Got a new job that will be starting in January 2013

Did a Christmas movie marathon but this time with a much smaller group of friends and it was AWESOME.

Ended my year with spending the holidays with one of my most favorite people in the world.. yep you guessed it Chris. Had my very first White Christmas. Was introduced to Lord of the Rings Online and become addicted. Had a fantastic two weeks just hanging.

Overview of 2012

So 2012 is over and I have to say that I've had a really great year. Of course there are always ups and downs but after going over all 500 of my blogs this year to prep for this blog post, I can say that I am truly a lucky guy. I have the best family and a group of the most incredible friends that I have ever had. I have five great podcasts and the best listeners anyone could ask for. There are some cool projects on the horizon that I can't wait to get started with.

Of course not everything has been great.. I'm alone and lonely. I haven't dated or been with anyone since Harry (going on a year and a half) . I'm fighting bouts of depression from time to time but they don't last too long. I'm still struggling with my weight and food consumption. It was a rough year for work, as I only worked about 3 months this year and my savings if at $0 now.

But you know what.. even with all those "downs" their have been far more "ups" making 2012 a pretty great year for me.

Let's hope some of the "downs" turn into "ups" for 2013

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