Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Montana Vacation - Day 16 - Final Day

So today is my last day in Montana, I'm super sad to be leaving Chris, but also ready to go home. I miss the comforts of my house and my other friends. We were up early as we wanted to spend as much time together as possible before I had to leave. So as always, I got up, showered and then went to make breakfast. Chris showered and took over of the making of breakfast, biscuits and gravy (which Chris' introduced to me last year and I love them).

After breakfast we of course jumped on LOTRO, we were still in the middle of gathering silver and going to the other peoples of Middle Earth (Man, Elf and Dwarfs) shopping area to see what kind of furniture they had. We did a little mix and match of some things but in the end both of our places look awesome. Another big purchase in game were our horses (or ponies for us Hobbits). Those defiantly make getting around alot faster.

While we played LOTRO  we put on Cloud Atlas and kind of watched while we ran around Middle Earth. Chris made us some steaks for lunch. I was never a huge steak eater until Chris made them for me. There is just something about the way he seasons it that they come our perfect every time. So it seemed appropriate that my final meal with him, would be steak.

4:30pm came quickly as time always flies when you want it to slow down. I finished packing up my things and loaded them into his car. Chris isn't one for long goodbyes so he just dropped me off in front of the airport. There were no tears this time, unlike my last visit where I sobbed in his shoulder. And I think that's because last time I was saying goodbye to him for the first time, the thought of not being able to see him or hang out with him on a regular bases killed me. Now that nine months have passed I've gotten use to him not being around (not that I like it). So saying goodbye wasn't as bad. I  know I'll be seeing him again in a few months (either I'm visiting again or he'll visit me).

My first flight was from Great Falls, Montana to Salt Lake City, Utah. Unlike last time this flight was jam packed. I sat just in front of two young kids (had to be 5 and 3) they asked questions and talked to their parents the entire 2 hour flight, at times they were screaming (I assuming to talk over the plane engines). The actual flight was very uneventful.

I had a 2 1/2 hour layover in Salt Lake so I stopped by a burger joint called SMASH burger. They have a build your own type of burger thing going on. I guess it's a chain but I never heard of it. The burger was pretty great. I spent the next few hours checking Facebook and twitter.

My second and final flight was from Salt Lake City, Utah to Ontario, California. I didn't have any small children next to me on this flight.. instead I had a crying infant in front of me. This little girl cried bloody murder the entire 30 minutes we were just sitting there on the tarmac. You could tell people were starting to get upset. I mean the parent were doing everything they could to quiet her. I was annoyed but of course I understood that there isn't much they could do. Luckily she quieted as soon as we took off and only erupted a few times during flight and only for a minute or two. The flight was a bit rough at times but for the most part pretty uneventful.

I arrived at the Ontario Airport at 10:30pm. My brother was nice enough to pick me up and take me home (and hour and a half drive and then back, so three hour round trip for him). Thanks Bro!!

Got home around midnight. It was great to be home. Everything looked good at home though it was freezing, around 40 degrees inside the house. All my Christmas stuff was still up. I did pull out a ton of mail and packages from the mail box.. I'll be opening all that stuff tomorrow. For now it's time for bed, thus ending my 16 day adventure in Montana.

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  1. Very glad you are home and safe! :) xoxo JL