Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Montana Vacation - Day 15

It's my last full day here in Montana. Don't really have much planned, trying to spend at much time with Chris as possible. It's cold and snowy outside so we remain inside and play Lord of the Rings Online. We did manage to get bundled up and go out for some lunch. Chris wanted to introduce me to a favorite pizza place of his called Mckenzie River Pizza Company. It's like a CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) but with a more warm and comfy atmosphere. Like CPK they serve unique pizzas. I got a BBQ fajita chicken one and it was very tasty. I didn't eat much because for an appetizer we got pulled pork nachos and they were the best.

Anyways after lunch we came back home and continued out quest on LOTRO. Our goal was to buy a Hobbit houses for our characters. We both finally had enough gold and silver and purchased our homes. Of course Chris and I had to get Hobbit houses next to each other. We settled in the town of Grovedon and our house address's are 4 Chalk Road (Chris' Hobbit house) and 5 Chalk Road (My Hobbit house). So if you're in the area stop by and say hi. They have the best views of a windmill, waterfall and the valley below.  We spent the rest of the evening getting more silver and buying furniture and such for our homes.. it was tons of fun.

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