Tuesday, January 1, 2013

SwampCast #6 - Listener Feedback & More

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We normally release a "regular" episode reviewing an episode of MASH, unfortunately we will not be releasing one today (January 1st) instead we bring you a fun Swampcast.

A SwampCast is a non-regular show.. meaning we will not be reviewing an episode during this podcast. These SwampCasts will come out now and then and cover "cast" interview, or listener feedback or anything else that we want to share with the listeners that doesn't fit into our regular show review episodes.

Our 6th SwampCast is full of Listener's feedback, We have itune review (the good and the bad), email comments and a new segment from Simon titled The Martini Segment (Have to listen to find out what that is) but I have to say I love this new segment.

Hope you enjoy Swampcast #6 and remember a new "regular" episode of MASH 4077 Podcast will be released on January 15th.

Happy New Years,

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